“If you’d spank your kids for doing it at your house, then don’t you do it in ours!”

The big light has to warm up before it will come on.  If it goes off, it will take time for it to cool down before you can turn it back on. 

1.      Turn lights off when not in use.
2.      Make sure breaker box door is closed tightly.
3.      Do not try to readjust direction of lights.
4.      Remove your trash.
5.      Turn off water faucet when not in use.
6.      If someone is trespassing on the pier, let us know and we’ll have them removed.
7.      Do not tie boats to decking.

1.      Pick up after yourself and do the dishes.
2.      Respect our neighbors.  Keep the noise down and don’t trespass.
3.      Please let us know if something is broken.
4.      No pets inside house.  Clean up after outside pets.
5.      Do not clean fish inside house or store bait in the refrigerator.
6.      Confine smoking to outdoors.  Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.
7.      Cover and store food. (pest control)
8.      Close windows and doors when air conditioner or heater is on.
9.      Turn off appliances, lights and water faucets when not in use.
10.  Confine muddy and wet clothing to laundry room, garage or outdoors.
11.  Don’t put wet coolers inside the house on floor.  Leave them outside.
12.  Don’t park in the grass.  It breaks the sprinkler system.
13.  House towels are not to be removed from house.
14.  If you move furniture, move it back before you leave.
15.  Don’t let the toilet run.  It will fill up the septic tank.
16.  If trash cans become full, take excess bags to the cans at the county park.
17.  Do not disturb the TV hookups nor remove the remote control from the living room.

1.      Check out is at 1pm, but please let us know when you will depart so housekeeping can be notified.

2.      Don't make up used beds.
2.      Pick up after yourself and take the trash out.

3.      Leave the keys behind.
4.      Make sure pier lights, appliances and water faucets are off.